I am very excited to join the faculty at Bowdoin College as an Assistant Professor in Biology and Environmental Studies in July, 2018!

My research examines the intersection between ecology, evolution, and anthropogenic environmental changes. I use a combination of field studies and laboratory experiments to explore these dynamics in natural populations, mainly zooplankton assemblages in lakes. My dissertation research with David Skelly at Yale University examined both ecological and evolutionary consequences of exposure to pollution stress. I looked at these trends over century and longer time scales using lake sediment archives as well as “resurrection” of diapausing zooplankton eggs.

As a postdoctoral research scientist in selfie_cropped.pngMeghan Duffy’s lab, at the University of Michigan. I am investigating ecological and evolutionary dynamics of Daphnia hosts and their parasites, with particular interest in how variation in lake environments influences these outcomes.

Here is a pdf of my CV.